Sedona Arizona Tours

Sedona Arizona Tours :

Our Sedona Tours around and over the world famous red rocks of Sedona allow you to make the most of your stay while you're visiting Sedona. Nestled within red rock canyons and formations just below the Mogollon Rim, (southern edge of the Colorado Plateau) Sedona has been voted #1 of The 10 Most Beautiful Places in America. After millions of years of inland seas and lakes depositing their sediment, in combination with the raising of the Colorado Plateau, the stage was set for the erosion process that would form the world famous red rock canyons and formations for which Sedona, Arizona has come to be known.

Early Sinagua Indians settled in the outlying areas of what is now Sedona, but the more recent Apache Indians of Arizona began to settle in Oak Creek Canyon, most notably in the area now know as Indian Gardens.  J.J. Thompson and his family were the first whites in Arizona to settle in the Sedona area in the 1870's, taking over the area he called Indian Gardens, because of the remnants of the gardens of beans, corn and squash that were found when the Thompson's arrived. Others followed, mostly settling into the Oak Creek Canyon area of Sedona, where water was plentiful, and ideal for raising orchards of apples and peaches. Ranchers also moved in, and by 1902, it was T.C. Schnebly that began the first Post Office in the area, and the area officially became known as Sedona, Arizona, after T.C. Schnebly's wife.


Over the years, Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon in Arizona have continued to attract visitors from all over the world as the red rocks and canyons inspire us all.

You'll see all of the best sites around the Sedona area on our local, Sedona Complete Tour, the most comprehensive tour and the best way to be introduced to the Sedona area. Coming to Sedona from Flagstaff? Take our Flagstaff to Sedona Tour which not only affords you the same coverage as our local tour, but gives you time to explore the area, visit our world class shops and galleries, and experience our best local activities.

Come along with Great Ventures for your next outing in the Sedona, Arizona area. Our Sedona Tours will educate, entertain and help you become enthralled with this magical area. With our vehicles and the most experienced guides around, you'll see why we're known for offering the finest Sedona, Arizona adventures.

Sedona Tours :

Learn all about the history, geology, folklore and legends of beautiful red rock country. Take our ever-popular Sedona Complete Tour and travel in the comfort of our luxury mini coaches.

Sedona Complete Tour  The Best way to see it all! The most complete tour of Sedona available!

*Flagstaff to Sedona Tour  Do everything on our Sedona Complete Tour and have time to visit our shops and galleries or do one of our favorite local activities (like our world-famous jeep tours).

* Please Note:  In Flagstaff, we provide complimentary pickup for all hotels within Flagstaff City Limits only.


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